Kamala Harris’ Unpopularity Has Now Reached Historic Levels: Survey

Vice President Kamala Harris has consistently polled worse than President Joe Biden since the two of them took power, but a new survey has her at historically low levels, even as Biden’s job approval rating is also tanking.

A new Trafalgar Group poll found that the VP’s unpopularity has reached basement levels with her approval ratings being as low as nearly any politician ever recorded.

The poll found that just 28.5 percent of Americans approve of Harris with 62.6 percent of Americans disapproving of her. Just shy of 9 percent said they had “no opinion.”

The survey also found that just 51 percent of Democrats approve of Harris while only 13.5 percent of Republicans and only 23.5 percent and Independents think she’s doing a good job as Biden’s second.

Another new found that a number of Democrat strategists have become so alarmed at Harris’ sinking poll numbers they are contemplating whether she will actually harm the party during the November midterms.

“Democratic Party power players also use the same words every day — spend, tax the rich, forgive student loan debt, companies and/or Putin are to blame for inflation — but the hopes of a win are dimming. The midterm elections loom, and voters battered by inflation, fed up with Washington brawls over spending bills, and unease over border security and immigration policy are expected to show their displeasure with Biden and Co. at the ballot box,” the Boston Herald reported.

“President Biden’s how-low-can-you-go approval rating of 39% would seem to offer a clue,” the report continued.

“The idea that spiking the tax on corporations would fund climate change investments and other top agenda items, with higher taxes on wealthy individuals also contributing to a government fiscal windfall has come up short with those who’ve crunched the numbers. Even the most draconian tax grabs couldn’t fund all of the Democratic spending sprees,” the paper added.


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