Dozens of GOP Governors Form Border ‘Strike Force’ Ahead of Massive Migrant Crossings

A group of two dozen Republican governors has committed to ending what they see as a literal invasion of the United States accommodated and enabled by the Biden administration.

According to the Washington Times, some 24 governors have signed on to form the American Governors Border Strike Force in order help identify threats and share intelligence stemming from mass migration into the country.

The Washington Times reports:

The Republican governors pledged to track and share analysis of state-level crimes connected to border security, and to try to target the financing and mobility of cartels that smuggle people and drugs across the border and deep into America’s heartland.

Led by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the two Republicans with pieces of the U.S.-Mexico boundary, the strike force includes governors of 24 other states. They said they were forced to step in to plug holes in border security created by President Biden’s policies, which have erased most of former President Trump’s get-tough measures.

“The American Governors’ Border Strike Force will serve as a force multiplier in the fight against criminal activity directly tied to our border. My thanks to my fellow governors who saw the problem and chose to be part of the solution,” Ducey said in a statement.

The task force formation comes as the Biden administration prepares to rescind Title 42, a Trump-era rule authorizing immediate deportation of the vast majority of illegal migrants during the pandemic.

The Times reported that both governors and local law enforcement officers around the country have been stunned by the massive increase in the availability of extremely dangerous fentanyl, most of which comes in through the porous southwestern border, as drug ODs spike to new records.

Local sheriffs and police chiefs say they are seeing the reach of Mexico-based cartels into their communities, the Times reported.

“If a person is selling heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamines, he’s working for the cartel. I don’t even ask the question anymore,” Sam S. Page, sheriff in Rockingham County, North Carolina, told The Washington Times earlier this year.

In addition to Arizona and Texas, the governors in the strike force are from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.


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