Rogan Blasts Dem Supporters: ‘Mental Illness’ Is Like ‘Diarrhea’ They ‘Spray’ On Twitter

Top podcaster Joe Rogan tore into supporters of the Democratic Party during his Friday show, accusing them of having a “mental illness” that they display on social media.

“There’s some people, even comics, that I follow on Twitter where I just go check their feed just to watch mental illness just spray its diarrhea all over the screen,” Rogan  during the episode where he was joined by comedians Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir.

“It’s wild to watch people,” Rogan continued. “One guy that I’m friends with, he’s a nice guy, but he’s the most Democrat [supporting] — it’s like someone who’s a Pirates fan. Pittsburg Pirates. And he’s like, ‘Ah, let’s f***ing go, Pirates!’ The whole thing is, ‘Go Democrats!’”

“They’ll be like, ‘Look at Biden kicking a** this week!’” Gillis quipped.

“He writes, ‘Best. Period. Administration. Period. Ever,’” Rogan mocked.

Rogan also noted during a previous podcast last week that the school his 9-year-old daughter went to back in the spring of 2020 was pushing a woke “anti-racist” agenda on her and the other students following the death of George Floyd.

“When the whole George Floyd thing happened, one of the schools that my kids were going to back in California released this email, saying that it’s not enough to not be racist, you now must be anti-racist,” Rogan said.

“And my kid’s nine at the time. What does that, what does that mean? These kids are not even remotely racist. Like, they have all sorts of different kinds of friends,” he continued.

“They — I’ve never heard them discuss it once,” Rogan continued. “It’s just, ‘I like this person and she’s nice to me and we like to play together and we both like the same things’ and let’s — so to tell a 9-year-old that you have to be anti-racist, well, then they go looking for racism, they’re gonna go looking to confront it.”

Rogan said that he was all for teaching kids that racism is bad “but if you want to tell my 9-year-old, they have to be anti-racist, what does it mean?”

He has also said recently that if the far-left manages to completely dominate American society in the future, they will make it so “straight white men” are “not allowed to talk” or “go outside.”