WATCH: Megyn Kelly Rips Left-Wing Calls to Cancel Student Loans: ‘We Paid Them Back!’

Former Fox News host and current popular podcaster Megyn Kelly took on far-left Democrats who are pushing President Joe Biden to cancel student loan debt.

During an interview on her Tuesday podcast, she spoke with “Ruthless” podcast hosts Comfortably Smug, Josh Holmes, and Michael Duncan about November’s midterm elections and how she believes Republicans should do well.

Kelly then focused on New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been a vocal advocate for canceling student loan debt, and referred to her as a “one-trick pony.”

She then asked her guests if they had gotten a “free education,” which was a dig at Ocasio-Cortez and Democrats.

“Everything’s free, we should go back to our socialist roots and then the Democrats won’t be facing a blood bath in November,” Kelly said. “Didn’t you guys have someone pay for your college?”

“I remember being a bouncer at a college dive bar and bouncers are the guys who have to clean the bathrooms,” Smug said.

“I don’t think that’s true, Smug,” Kelly said, laughing. “I feel like somebody took advantage of you.”

“Everyone else in this country has always figured out a way to budget for their education and again it’s progressivism masquerading as compassion,” Smug continued. “No it’s not – it’s a handout to the wealthiest, liberal, coastal. It’s like the liberal coastal elite embodied.”

Kelly responded by sharing her own story, providing details about how her father had died when she was still in high school and how two older siblings were already in college.

“He was only 45, we were not – we weren’t rich, to begin with. So it’s not like he had some big fat life insurance policy. He had, like the bare minimum for when you’re in your 40’s and a professor,” Kelly said.

“She used the entirety of that payment to pay for the rest of – what she could – of my brother and sister’s college and my college education,” Kelly continued. “And all three of us had to take out loans on top of it, of course.”

“So, do I think now that I would’ve been better if the federal government had stepped in?” she asked, going back to the issue of free college and asking whether students who voluntarily took out loans to fund their educations should have the government simply take away the debt.

“It would’ve been nice but I don’t think the neighbors should have to pay for my college education. My mom made a sacrifice. We took out loans too but we paid them back!” she continued.

“Why should these snot-nosed kids today – I’m sorry, the ones who really need it, they can get loans, but like you point out a lot of these people are going to be these college – Columbia – elite graduates who are going to spend their years in journalism trying to shame half of America for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Why should I be paying for their education? I don’t want to!” Kelly said.

The Hill reported that the Biden administration is considering extending the current student loan moratorium again before it expires in May.



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