WATCH: Tucker Carlson Owns Joe Biden After Predicting U.S., Global Food Shortages

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted President Joe Biden during his Friday program after the commander-in-chief predicted food shortages in the U.S. and around the world a day earlier.

Biden was speaking to reporters following meetings with NATO regarding Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, in which he that food shortages are going to be “real.”

“It’s going to be real,” Biden said.

“Once again, in case you missed it, to repeat: food shortages — not in Sudan — in Cincinnati, Reno, Spokane, Norfolk, and of course, in our big cities, too, where not a single person who was born here has any idea what a food shortage is,” Carlson began.

“So what is this going to mean?” Carlson asked. “How do food shortages affect the country?”

“Well, if you’re interested, go online and read about it,” Carlson recommended. “All of recorded history will answer your question.”

“A food shortage is not like deciding to skip dessert,” Carlson continued. “It’s not a diet. It’s not voluntary. A food shortage is different. It’s scary. Food shortages topple governments.

“They turn moderates into revolutionaries. A food shortage is a big deal. You don’t want one, but now we’re getting one just a little over a year into Joe Biden’s presidency,” he added, noting that while most countries like China consider food one their priorities, Biden’s Build Back Better agenda did not focus on ensuring uninterrupted food production.

“The Build Back Better agenda was the opposite of that,” Carlson said. “It did not suggest any concern at all about whether Americans might have enough to eat or could afford enough heating fuel to keep from freezing to death over the winter.

“Biden’s agenda was focused on the kind of added extras you get to when you’ve fixed everything else and then still have trillions left over,” he said,

Carlson pointed to some of the agenda’s programs such as amnesty “for millions of illegal aliens,” “environmental equity,” and “free solar panels for everybody,” and stated, “a lot has changed.”

He noted that sanctions placed on Russia are harming, among others, American farmers, as Russia was a leading exporter of fertilizer, which is now in shorter supply.

“But it’s not just sanctions,” Carlson stated. “There are a lot of reasons. It’s not just the war in Ukraine. In response to energy and food shortages, the Biden administration is shutting down domestic oil and gas production.

“That makes food more expensive. It makes everything else more expensive. And as the pressure on American farmers rises and as food becomes scarcer and more expensive in this country, that same administration is allowing the government of China to buy up this country’s farmland,” he said, in reference to around 200,000 acres owned by Chinese investors, land worth around $2 billion.

“Again, food, water, energy. That’s what you need for a country. The Chinese understand that. As Rep. Dan Newhouse put it, ‘the current trend in the United States is leading us toward the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly,'” the host noted further.

“In our country, the most productive farmland in the world is now owned by what we used to call our main global rival and I think we can now say, with a realignment in progress, is our main global enemy, owned by a country that seeks to displace us and punish us.”

“It’s insane,” he stated.



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