Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing Heaps Praise on Elon Musk: He’s ‘The Greatest Living American’

Jeremy Boreing, CEO of the conservative behemoth The Daily Wire, lauded SpaceX and Tesla founder and billionaire Elon Musk during an interview that aired Thursday evening.

Sitting down with popular podcaster Tim Pool of TimCast IRL to discuss his company’s latest venture, Jeremy’s Razors, Boreing praised Musk as “the greatest living American” because he’s a true visionary.

“This will be the most kiss-a** thing that I say on the show: Elon Musk is the greatest living American,” he said.

“He’s the most important person in the country because he has an affirmative vision for the future of the country,” Boreing noted.

“I don’t know his politics — I’m sure I disagree with him on 50% of everything — but that’s a guy who has a vision for what we can be tomorrow,” he added.

“He’s not one of these Boomer lefties who’s still fighting the cultural revolution of the 1960s or the economic revolution of the 19-teens and twenties in Europe, you know, trying to socialize the country,” Boreing noted further.

“And he’s not a Boomer conservative who’s just talking about how great things used to be back when we were still young and rock and roll.”

“He’s a guy who’s going, ‘Our best days are ahead of us; let’s go build them,” Boreing said.

“We were talking about leadership last night, and Savannah Hernandez was saying, ‘We need leaders,’” said co-host Ian Crossland. “And I thought, yeah, but what you don’t want is a guy to step in and be like, ‘I’m your leader now.’ You want somebody like Elon, or like you, [who is] building something, casually building it, and people look at you like a leader because of what you’ve created and what you’re creating.”

“I agree with you that I’m a lot like Elon,” Boreing joked.