WATCH: Fox News’ Joe Concha Explains Why Harris Woeful As A VP, Not Good Backup for Dems in 2024

Joe Concha, a media analyst for The Hill and Fox News, laid out a myriad of reasons why he doesn’t believe Vice President Kamala Harris is in any way prepared to be president, making her a bad choice for Democrats in 2024 if President Joe Biden decides not to run.

He also said that thus far, she has failed at every task she’s been assigned by the president.

“Remember, Kamala Harris about one year ago was made border czar and she was assigned to fix the catastrophe at the U.S. southern border, and all we see is more and more migrants coming over illegally,” Concha told Fox News on Tuesday.

“She doesn’t talk about that much anymore, the administration doesn’t because they’re polling at something like 23% in terms of the way they are handling the U.S. southern border, which is essentially open right now,” Concha added.

“Look, I have a quote in my little home basement studio here and I think that it really sums up Kamala Harris’s whole obsession with talking about time,” he continued.

“She says, ‘It’s time to do what we had been doing, and that time is every day.’ You remember that about COVID, right? It’s right next to my Reagan’s ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall,’” he added.

“Yeah. When she goes off the prompter, it’s a lot like her boss, never ends well. And I think that’s why so many voters see her ill-equipped for the job and she certainly is not a very good plan B for President Biden if he decides not to run in 2024,” he continued.



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