RealClearPolitics: Trump Has Higher Favorability Rating That Biden, Harris

Though he is no longer in office, former President Donald Trump continues to influence the political landscape.

In fact, according to RealClearPolitics’ average of polls, he has a better favorability rating than either President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, the latter of whom is underwater to both Trump and Biden:

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Despite relentless attacks from a mainstream media that gave him , two impeachment trials that ended in exoneration, and a baseless, politically motivated ‘Russia collusion’ witch hunt that undermined his presidency, but turned up empty-handed, Donald Trump is remembered fondly by many conservatives and independents due to his competent administration, absence of foreign wars, and predominately strong economic performance in the absence of the Covid pandemic.

President Biden, on the other hand, is being hammered in the polls due to his inability to solve the Covid pandemic as promised, handle the surging border crisis, foreign policy weakness that has spurred a resurgent Russia and China, unleash the energy sector to lower the skyrocketing gas prices, nor get a handle on the record inflation that is hamstringing so many Americans’ tightening budgets.

Furthermore, additional polling shows Biden’s approval rating down significantly in key battleground and historically blue states as well.


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