WATCH: Former CIA Officer Issues Dire Warning About ‘Declared War’ With Russia

A former CIA officer strongly warned on Friday that the U.S. and the West could be slow-walking into a major conflict with one of the world’s largest nuclear-armed militaries.

The former agent, Bryan Dean Wright, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson he believes that, in effect, the U.S. has effectively declared war on Russia, Mediaite reported.

The outlet notes:

Civilians face the full wrath of one of the world’s largest militaries, but Ukraine’s fighters are mounting a vigorous defense. None of that would likely be possible without help from the West, as Ukraine is not a particularly wealthy nation.

American-made missiles, weapons ammunition and other crucial pieces of equipment have helped the country halt Russia’s advance.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Wright told Carlson that America’s arming of Ukraine equates to a declaration of war.

“The possibility of a hot war [is] real and getting more real every day,” he said, commenting on the potential for U.S. and Russian troops to actually exchange fire.

“What I’m asking America to do tonight is put aside their hatred for Putin or Zelenskyy, for that matter, or Ukraine or Russia,” he continued, noting further that the aid the U.S. and the West are sending Ukraine is tantamount to a war declaration, as well as the economic sanctions put in place.

“Understand that we have in effect declared war against Russia. We have done three things,” Wright continued.

“One, we have crippled their economy. Two, we are shoving in all of these weapons. And, third, this hasn’t gotten a lot of press — we are giving tactical intelligence to the Ukrainian government to put an X on the forehead of a Russian soldier and Russian equipment. Let me say it a little differently. Our spies and satellites are helping the Ukrainians kill Russians. So, we have declared war,” he said.

He went on to say that the Pentagon would decide what a war with Russia would entail but added that the U.S. military was essentially neutered in Afghanistan by “goat herders.”

“But it involves young people dying and we should also be talking about that because our people in Washington aren’t going to be the ones sacrificing,” he said.



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