WATCH: Fox News Natl. Security Reporter Jennifer Griffin Breaks Down Remembering Fallen Network Colleagues in Ukraine

Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin paid tribute to her fallen network colleagues during a segment Tuesday evening after they were killed covering the war in Ukraine, but it did not come without tears.

Following a report for anchor Bret Baier, Griffin mentioned cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski (55) and local producer Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova (24), both of whom were killed while reporting outside Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, as well as war correspondent Benjamin Hall, who was injured in the same attack on Monday.

“Bret, a word about our colleagues Pierre, Sasha, and Ben Hall tonight. The loss and pain we feel is enormous, but if ever there were a time that the world needed journalists, reporters, risking their lives to tell these stories, to tell the truth, it’s now,” Griffin began.

“Without a free press, the autocrats win. We will redouble our efforts to honor these colleagues and all reporters in harm’s way tonight,” she continued, as she fought back tears.

Baier agreed with her, adding, “Your feelings are our feelings tonight.”

A few hours later, FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott issued a statement updating her colleagues on Hall’s condition, announcing that he was “safe and out of Ukraine.”

The Daily Wire noted:

Tributes have poured out over the last several days following the news that Hall had been injured and his two colleagues killed. Baier spoke of both Zakrzewski and Kuvshynova during the exchange with Griffin on Tuesday, noting that both had shown incredible dedication to the stories they were bringing to the rest of the world.

“Pierre was a steady presence in uncertain times. When a correspondent or producer arrived and saw Pierre waiting for them, they knew they were in good hands. Because he could do just about anything,” Baier said of Zakrzewski.

“Greg Palkot says he and Pierre were embedded with a Marine company during Iraq’s Battle of Fallujah. He says that Pierre saved his life on many occasions over the years,” Baier added.