If Dems Keep Congress in 2022, DeSantis Reveals What They Will Do First

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sounded the alarm on Friday during an event in Doral when discussing what he believes Democrats in Congress will do if they keep their majorities.

Specifically, the GOP governor believes Democrats will reimpose pandemic mandates and restrictions — even lockdowns if need be.

“If they feel they need them,” the GOP governor said during an Expand American Energy forum on Friday.

“The minute those elections are over, they will impose mandates if they feel the need to do that. They will impose restrictions,” DeSantis .

“And so that will happen. If those types of people are allowed to be put in power, my view on that is, they’ve put Fauci in the witness protection program because he will say, you know, no, you should still wear a mask, and he’s never going to say be normal, go back to normal.

“So they know that, and they know that that’s not what people want,” DeSantis further noted.

He went on to speculate that governors of blue states will reimpose pandemic restrictions as well by winter of this year.

“There’s nothing wrong if on an individual basis you make a certain calculation. That’s fine. We encourage you to do that. But it’s wrong to mandate people and restrict people, and that will happen. I guarantee you, winter of 2022, any of those folks that are there, you are going to see that happen,” he said.

However, DeSantis did lay out a political scenario where that would not happen.

“The only way to make sure it doesn’t happen is to have nice, big, red wave. So, we’ll see,” he quipped.

To that end, DeSantis’ reelection campaign got an important update Thursday that is sure to impact the November election, Florida Politics reported.

The site noted that a new poll by Mason-Dixon Polling showed that the governor is leading his Democrat opponents by 51 percent or better.

“According to the poll, U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist would perform the best of the three Democratic candidates if the race were today, losing 51%-43%. DeSantis would also defeat Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, 53%-42%, and Miami state Sen. Annette Taddeo, 53%-37%,” the website reported.

“When matched up against his current potential Democratic challengers, DeSantis receives the support of slightly over half of Florida’s voters, and his leads provide a decent cushion at this point in the race,” the report added.

“These leads all appear to be related to (DeSantis’) name recognition advantage, although Crist is almost comparably well known,” Florida Politics noted further.


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