Tom Cotton Makes Fascinating Reagan-Trump Comparison

Sen. Tom Cotton is making an interesting comparison between the late President Ronald Reagan and former President Donald Trump, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal Monday.

The paper reported that the Arkansas Republican is set to argue in an important speech that the Republican Party should not have to choose between those two presidents in order to determine its future path because both share common roots.

“Reagan understood what all Republicans should: We are elected to protect the American people and their prosperity and their freedom,” the Arkansas senator said in an interview ahead of his speech.

“Both President Reagan and President Trump, who many people say represent these polar opposites between which we must choose, stood in that tradition,” the Army vet and Harvard attorney continued.

Newsmax notes further:

Cotton is among a small group of relatively young, ambitious GOP senators — along with Ted Cruz of Texas, Marco Rubio of Florida and Josh Hawley of Missouri — thought to be preparing a path for possible presidential bids in 2024, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Cotton’s speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California is part of a series on the GOP’s future after its loss of the White House, Senate, and House during Trump’s time in office.

In describing the similarities between the two presidents, The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Reagan and Trump both got into politics after careers in entertainment, were Democrats before becoming Republicans, and captured the GOP nomination after battling opposition from part of the party establishment.

“Republicans are the party of the common man,” Cotton insisted. “We stand for law and order, military strength, good jobs, high wages, and sanity in our culture wars.”


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