WATCH: Tucker Carlson Riffs On VP Harris As He Reveals Her Latest Political Move

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at Vice President Kamala Harris in a scathing review of her latest upcoming moves on behalf of the Biden administration.

With war raging in Ukraine following an invasion by Russian forces, Harris is preparing to make another trip to Europe, though Carlson intimated that Harris is the wrong person for the task because she lacks any substantial foreign policy experience.

“Harris is going back to Europe to see how much worse she can make this disaster,” Carlson said as he began his Thursday evening show.

He went on to note that the disaster in Ukraine is getting out of control, claiming that it is “shocking” to see.

“Europe just lost a huge percentage of its energy supply, which is not a small thing. We’ve been taken by surprise by the whole thing. We’re not the only ones who were, but we’re willing to admit it,” he said, commenting on reports that Russian forces captured Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, which is located in Ukraine.

Carlson then said that he did not think Harris is a “serious person” and suggested she would not be able to do much to improve the situation facing Ukraine and the whole of Europe.

“So, why didn’t we see this coming, this total loss of control? Well, because we assumed that if things were dire, serious people would be involved in fixing them, but we looked up and we saw Kamala Harris involved, and that reassured us,” Carlson said.

“Harris had just come back from Europe, where she’d been conducting ‘diplomacy with our allies,’ and that appeared to be proof this could not really be a big deal. The situation in Ukraine had been legitimately serious,” he continued.

“If the future of Europe and the world hung in the balance as now so obviously it does, of course, the Biden administration would not have sent Kamala Harris to fix it because that’s not her job. Kamala Harris’s job is to trot down to the Blue Room periodically to greet delegations of TikTok influencers or to cut occasional PSAs for the Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month, which is in February. So, we assumed she’d be working on that right now,” Carlson added.

“But averting war with Russia? Saving the civilized world? C’mon. That is absolutely not Kamala Harris’s job. That was our assumption, but as noted, we were wrong,” he said.

“Why were we wrong? Well, we spend a lot of time watching Kamala Harris. You probably don’t. Unless you are a junior producer at MSNBC, you’re probably not that familiar with Kamala Harris.

“We should say, by the way, we didn’t underestimate Vladimir Putin. We overestimated Joe Biden, but we knew that once Kamala Harris was involved, it couldn’t really be that serious and we knew that because this is what she’s like,” he noted further.