Dem Infighting Escalates Ahead of Biden’s State of the Union Address

As President Joe Biden prepares to give his State of the Union Address on March 11 and Republicans prepare a response, far-left Democrats are also planning their own response in an unusual turn of events, according to The New York Times.

“A cluster of House Democrats from conservative-leaning districts is circulating a reworked legislative agenda for the coming election season that would embrace some of President Biden’s most popular initiatives and tackle rising prices while distancing lawmakers from the left’s most divisive ideas,” the paper reported.

“The plan, obtained by The New York Times, seeks to inoculate the most vulnerable Democrats from the culture wars pursued by Republicans trying to win back the congressional majority. Its existence underscores how successful Republicans have been at weaponizing issues like pandemic-related school closures and ‘defund the police’ efforts against Democrats in politically competitive districts,” the Times continued.

The paper adds:

The draft agenda was written by Representatives Abigail Spanberger of Virginia, Steven Horsford of Nevada, Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Dean Phillips of Minnesota and Elissa Slotkin of Michigan. It includes almost 75 bipartisan bills already drafted and broader bullet points such as “Combat Rising Costs for Food, Gas, Housing and Utilities,” “Reduce Prescription Drug Prices, Co-Pays and Deductibles” and “Fight Crime & Invest in Law Enforcement.”

Rather than proposing cuts to funding for police departments, for example, it suggests financing the hiring of additional officers, especially in rural and small-town departments — though it would also fund body cameras and training, demands from liberal critics of law enforcement. Taking on Republican efforts to end mask mandates and school closures, the agenda includes legislation to “re-establish faith in America’s public health system and ensure preparedness for future pandemics, so that our economy and schools can remain open.”

The plan will not discuss other popular progressive items such as Medicare for all and a $15 minimum wage.

However, it could be the planned response to Biden’s SOFU address from ‘Squad’ member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) that gets more attention.

“No one fought harder for Build Back Better and a pro-democracy agenda than progressives,” she said to Politico. “The work is unfinished and we’re not giving up on what our communities deserve. We need to get as much done for the people as we can this year, and elect a majority that can deliver for working families in 2023.”

The plan for Tlaib to give the additional response was ripped by liberal HBO host of “Real Time,” Bill Maher.

“Now, I’ve always seen the opposition party give a rebuttal. This is from the same party. This is like sacking your own quarterback,” he  on Friday. “I don’t know, maybe she’s gonna say some nice things about Joe, but basically it’s to present- … bad idea for the Democrats?”