Gabbard Lights Up Crowd at CPAC With Attack on ‘Power Elite’ in DC

Former Hawai’i Democrat and 2020 presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard took aim at the “power elite” in Washington, D.C., during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference event in Orlando, Fla., on Friday.

Also, Gabbard blasted “their co-conspirators in the mainstream media and the security state,” while adding that in an ideal setting, “our leaders would haul [former Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper before a judge to answer for his lies to Congress about how the government is collecting information.”

“And they would support the Durham investigation and Clinton corruption in 2016…” she began, before being interrupted by applause.

The UK’s Daily Mail reported that the former presidential contender ripped members of both major political parties in Congress “who talk a good game about civil liberties, but when it comes time to cast that vote on things like getting rid of secret FISA courts and protecting our fourth amendment rights to privacy, they vote on the side of the power elite and against liberty.”

She also told the crowd that she was targeting the “Biden-Clinton-neocon-neolib foreign policy” with her remarks, which came on day 2 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Gabbard, who has increasingly criticized her own party, also addressed the partisan nature of American politics.

“This kind of tribalism is dangerous and it’s emblematic of an erosion of a spiritual foundation in this country,” the U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel continued. “It’s emblematic of this lack of recognition that we’re all God’s children, that we are one nation under God, and knowing that inspires us.”

From that point, she launched into a diatribe against the Washington “power elite.”

“They think free speech is something that should only be left to those who agree with them,” she said.

“The latest strategy and tactic that they’re using is to try to undermine our free speech by taking it upon themselves to say they’ve got the responsibility to protect us from so-called misinformation,” the former Hawaii Democratic lawmaker observed. “So basically, they’re saying that they are going to protect us from that which they claim is not true.”

Adding that the political elite work hand-in-hand with “their mouthpieces – the mainstream media and big tech – doing exactly what our founders rejected,” she declared, “I’m sure you’ve all heard them before. I have. Like today. Russian asset. White supremacist. Bigot. Racist. Extremist. Traitor.”

“But what’s even more dangerous than this threat of being canceled is the federal government wielding its power and might to punish those who dare to question or disagree with them and their policies,” Gabbard noted.


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