Tulsi Gabbard Levels Hillary Clinton Following Durham Bombshells

Former Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard continued her war of words against Hillary Clinton, whom she unsuccessfully ran against for her party’s 2016 presidential nomination, following a bombshell filing last week by John Durham.

Gabbard responded to the special counsel’s allegations that Clinton’s campaign contracted with a tech firm to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower and later President Donald Trump’s White House in an attempt to create a Russian collusion scandal.

“The Durham investigation has shown that the biggest threat to our democracy is not some foreign country, but rather the Power Elite led by the likes of Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators in the mainstream media & security states who work to undermine our democracy from within,” Gabbard tweeted on Tuesday.

Later, in an interview with Fox News anchor Jesse Watters, Gabbard accused former Clinton campaign advisor Jake Sullivan of being in the thick of clandestine corruption and says he should resign from his position in the Biden White House.

“He was one of the key voices in advocating for this Russian collusion lie and a lot of the things being exposed now through this special counsel are pointing to his role alongside Hillary Clinton and others in propagating this lie to the American people,” she said.

“What is being revealed here, Jesse is the truth. Hillary Clinton and the power elite in this country manufactured this Russian collusion lie, actively undermining our democracy and stoking the fires moving us into this new Cold War with Russia,” Gabbard continued.

“The damage that they did to the American people, our democracy, and others around the world is immeasurable. It’s impossible to measure and it leads us to this point where we sit today where we have people who were integral in making this happen. People like Jake Sullivan now holding very influential positions of power and shaping our country’s foreign policy,” she added.

“What they are doing is telling the American people, they are telling us saying hey, you’ve got to be ready to go war with Russia or other countries to, you know, spread democracy to protect democracy and, yet, they are actively undermining our democracy here at home. This is their hypocrisy being exposed,” said Gabbard.

“And the American people deserve accountability. Hillary Clinton and her warmongers need to be held accountable. And Jake Sullivan, who is in a very influential position now in the Biden administration’s White House, he needs to resign immediately for his role in this,” Gabbard noted further.

In an earlier , Gabbard nailed Clinton for her actions, writing, “The Durham investigation makes clear that Hillary Clinton and the power elite spied on the Trump campaign and White House, undermining our democracy, launching us into a new Cold War, endangering America and the world. Clinton and her warmongers must be held accountable.”

During the 2016 Democratic debates, Clinton suggested that Gabbard, who is an officer in the Hawaii Army National Guard, was a ‘Russian asset.’


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