Candace Owens Makes Surprising Announcement That Has Fans Buzzing

Popular conservative commentator Candace Owens took to her Instagram page on Monday to make a huge announcement that has her fans excited and talking.

Owens announced that she and her husband are expecting their second child later this year and asked for supporters to send “prayers.”

“Do what you love and call it work, Throw a little money in the plate at church, Send your prayers up and your roots down deep, And add a few limbs to your family tree…,” she wrote, posting the lyrics of country music star Jordan Davis’ song “Buy Dirt.”

Owens rounded out her post with the hashtags “#FamilyofFour” and “#July2022.”


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Several big names responded to the news on social media.

Mike Fisher, professional hockey player and husband to superstar Carrie Underwood, wrote: “Awesome news! Congrats!”

“LOVE YALL SO MUCH! Beautiful family!!!” said country music singer RaeLynn.

Brittany Aldean, a conservative and wife to country star Jason Aldean, wrote, “soooo excited.”

Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary for former President Donald Trump, added: “Congratulations ! This is awesome. Another great patriot on the way!” McEnany wrote, adding the U.S. flag and a heart emoji to her message.

Owens made headlines earlier this week blasting Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, for rescinding his prior support for podcast host Joe Rogan.

Johnson initially came out in support of Rogan amid a push by leftists to have him removed from Spotify, but he changed his mind when a video compilation went viral of Rogan using the “N-Word” through the years on his show, though he never used it in a racist manner.

“The Rock turning his back on Joe Rogan is so emblematic of why these fickle Hollywood types are never to be taken seriously,” Owens said. “Remember fellas—routine steroid injections does not make someone a man.”

“Isn’t it weird how everyone calling Joe Rogan racist is white while black people keep coming out of the woodwork to defend him? It’s almost like everything I’ve said about white liberals using racism as a political tool to take down people they despise is completely correct,” she said in another tweet.