Sen. Kennedy Rips Biden Admin Crack Pipe Program, Drops Truth Bomb About What Would Work to Stop Drug Flow

Sen. John Kennedy blasted the Biden administration’s plan to distribute sterile crack pipes to addicts at treatment centers while offering his own solution to cut down on the country’s drug addition problem.

Namely, President Biden should concentrate more on security the porous southwest border, where cartels have been smuggling a record amount of drugs into the U.S. for the past year.

During an interview on “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, Kennedy was asked about the White House’s $30 million plan to distribute “smoking kits” that reportedly contain pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and “any illicit substance.”

Here is a transcript of the exchange:

PERINO: “Senator, as you said, it’s a complex issue. And I don’t have a loved one in my life that has one of these addictions, and the ‘Just Say No’ campaign and the fried egg as your brain really worked on me. And I wonder, though, if we look at this and Health and Human Services says they have the harm reduction plan, these are the details: they want to expand the use of fentanyl testing strips, comprehensive HIV services in a syringe program — maybe that really helps — widen access to opioid overdose reversal treatments and a ‘Stop Overdose’ campaign, which I guess is a public service announcement. But we just had a story that said 100,000 people died of overdoses last year. And I understand if you are on the street, that’s one thing, but we also talked to a lot of people where this fentanyl is coming across the border from China to Mexico into the United States, and we had one couple who lost their son, on the first experiment he was killed. And these injection sites, one, they are a huge problem for the neighborhood, but it doesn’t do anything to address that problem of the fentanyl coming across the border, sir.”

KENNEDY: “No, it doesn’t. And look, I’ve passed bills dealing with opioid abuse, and we’re all concerned about the addiction problem. But you want to hit the addiction problem in America with a hard lick? Seal the border. Right now President Biden’s policy is this: If you are a Nigerian doctor or a German machinist who wants to come to America, you have to be vetted for years. But if you are some gang-banger drug dealer who just hops the fence at the border, you are welcome and we’ll fly you anywhere you want in America. Now that is just bone-deep-down-to-the-marrow stupid. I’m all for helping people with drug addiction, but the way to deal with it, number one, is just to secure the border. Will it completely solve the problem?

No, but it will do a lot more than safe crack pipes. And can I make one more point? This is part of the problem. President Biden talks about — all the time about he cares about the little guy or the little gal. But he just doesn’t seem to worry that much about ordinary Americans unless they are part of some minority group that he deems worthy, in this case, crack addicts and crack dealers and meth addicts and meth dealers. He has no sense of priority about what the American people are worried about when they lie down at night to sleep and they can’t.”