Tucker Carlson Gets Stunning Update, Breaks New Record With His Program

Fox News host Tucker Carlson received a stunning new update on his program that is sure to please him and his viewers.

The host, who has been atop Fox News’ ratings for some time, just smashed through another record, Conservative Brief Thursday.

“Television viewership data released by Nielsen/MRI Fusion reveals that Carlson’s show is the number one most-watched show among Democrats in the key demographic of 25-54 year-olds,” the outlet noted.

“The data, from the month of October, showed that Carlson pulled in 101,000 viewers who self-identified as Democrats in the 25-54 demographic. MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ and Fox’s ‘The Five’ were tied for second place, each attracting 88,000 viewers in the key demo who self-identified as Democrats,” The Daily Wire added.

“The next two spots are occupied by Sean Hannity, who took in 81,000 young Democrat viewers, and Greg Gutfeld, who pulled 73,000,” the outlet continued.

“Maddow still has a significant advantage in total Democratic viewership, pulling in a total of 908,000 viewers across all age groups. ”The Five’ pulled in the second most, with 732,000 viewers who identified themselves as Democrats, and Carlson followed close behind with 722,000 total Democrats,” the report further noted.

“Hannity and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell rounded out the top five, with Hannity garnering 623,000 Democrat viewers, and O’Donnell taking 607,000,” the Daily Wire said, adding:

As a network, Fox News owns the majority of cable news airtime around the clock. Fox takes in 56% of total primetime viewership, and 55% of daytime viewership. Fox also leads CNN and MSNBC among Independents and even pulls in a plurality of Democrats.

Fox pulled in a total of 58% of all Independents who watched cable news, while MSNBC garnered 25% and CNN got just 17%. Fox was number one among self-identified Democrats, with 39% of total viewership, MSNBC came just in second place with 38%, and CNN fell behind with just 24%.

Carlson isn’t the only Fox News host who has become a ratings powerhouse.

Jesse Waters took over as the permanent host of the 7 PM EST weekday time slot this week on Fox News Channel and he raked in 3.8 million total viewers on his first day, Monday. That represents the network’s best ratings in that timeslot in more than a year, Yahoo News .

“We’re also going to be debuting something,” Watters told The Wrap on Monday.

“You know how my mom’s always texting me? We didn’t think that was fair for just my mom to be able to text me, so we’re going to be putting out a number where the whole country can text me. We’re going to have an open line of communication with the country, so I’ll be listening to them,” he added.