Trump’s Book Publisher Makes Stunning Announcement Sure to Please Fans

The publisher of former President Donald Trump’s book, “Our Journey Together,” provided a compelling update to its progress in an interview published Saturday.

Sergio Gor, CEO of Winning Team Publishing, said that the book is selling so fast that the company can’t keep up with demand.

But that’s also in part due to a paper shortage at the printer, .

Gor noted that the book sold 200,000 copies within the first six weeks of release, but with a paper shortage, the publisher has been forced to scale back though “demand” remains high.

“Only in Biden’s America do you run out of paper. So we used one of the largest printers in America. They publish thousands of different titles every year,” Gor said, adding that all books have been affected, not just Trump’s tome.

“We can’t keep up with the demand,” he said. “A lot of the retailers want it. A lot of stores want it. The fastest way to get it is on our website”

He added that “thankfully” another 100,000 books will soon be available for sale at outlets before detailing the publisher’s shortages.

“They didn’t have enough leather to bind the outside. They didn’t have the gold leaves that goes [sic] on the title of the outside. They didn’t have enough glue at one point. And so a lot of these things, we print in America, but yet some of these ingredients have to come from abroad because we just don’t make them in America,” said Gor. So we pay extra because we support American jobs,” he said.

He added that they could have had the book printed in China, but the former president didn’t want that.

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Gor went on to describe various elements of the book.

“This is not self-publishing. We paid him a multimillion-dollar advance to get the rights to this book,” the CEO said, adding that he met several times with Trump at Mar-a-Lago to work on the project. He said that Trump eventually chose 320 photos out of millions.

“This is 100 percent pure President Donald Trump. And about 50 of them, he hand wrote the captions,” he said, adding that people “love” seeing his handwritten captions printed underneath some of the pictures with the former president’s “famous black sharpie.”

“You can’t come up with these captions if you tried. It’s 100 percent original him, calling Nancy Pelosi effing crazy. It’s things along those lines. Talking about the wall. Talking about China. Talking about Russia. Talking about Congress. Every single thing that happened over the last four years is in there,” he said.