Biden’s Grade From a Large Plurality of the Country After First Year Is Dismal

President Joe Biden did not get a good grade from about a sizeable portion of the country on the anniversary of his first year in office.

Biden’s polling numbers have been tanking for months, but the Politico/Morning Consult Poll released Wednesday may be his worst yet, says The Daily Wire:

According to the poll — which surveyed 2,005 registered voters on January 15-16, 2022 — 37% gave Biden failing marks for his first year in office. Another 12% gave Biden a “D,” while just 11% said he deserved an “A” and 20% gave him a “B.” Of the remaining 20%, 18% said the president deserved a “C” and 2% were undecided.

Overall, Biden’s first-year “grades” were slightly worse than those of his predecessor, former President Donald Trump — who received an “F” from 35% in 2018 and a combined 34% gave him either an “A” or a “B.”

Predictably, Republicans gave Biden much lower marks — more than 85% gave him either a “D” or an “F,” and only 5% gave him an “A” or a “B.” The president scored slightly higher with independents, with nearly half grading him at a “D” or an “F” and close to 25% giving an “A” or a “B.”

The vast majority of Democrats gave Biden a “C” or higher — but 11% of his own party still gave him either a “D” or an “F.”

In addition, Biden got poor grades for specific issues, especially his campaign pledge to “restore unity” to the country regardless of their political party.

According to the survey, almost 75 percent of Republicans, as well as 40 percent of those surveyed overall by Politico, gave the president an “F” on the issue.

“Other less-than-stellar marks came in issues such as immigration and the federal deficit, with his best grades coming for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic: 3% of Republicans and 37% of Democrats — overall, 18% —gave him an ‘A,'” The Daily Wire noted.

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Last week, Biden’s approval rating dropped to a new low of 33%, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, with 53% of Americans saying they disapprove of the president’s performance. The rating is down 3% since November 2021, when Biden held a 36% approval rating.

Hispanic voters were least supportive of Biden’s job performance, with 28% saying they approve of how he is handling his duties, compared to 32% of white voters and 57% of black voters. Just 25% of independent voters said they approve of Biden’s performance, while 57% said they disapprove.

Voters were critical of Biden’s handling of key issues, including the economy, the COVID-19 pandemic and foreign policy.

Just 34% of Americans said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, with 57% saying they disapprove. The results follow several months of increasing inflation, with the Consumer Price Index currently rising at its highest rate in 40 years.