Tucker Carlson Explains How Biden Is Losing the Media

Fox News host Tucker Carlson began his Monday monologue with an assessment of how he believes that many of the same major media outlets covered for then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have since turned on him.

“For Joe Biden, the past few months amounted to the greatest political disaster of his life. In his case, that’s not a small place to be. This is a man with three failed presidential campaigns on his resume, but this year has been different. We don’t mean to overstate it, but you can pick your humiliating ashes and sackcloth world-historic defeat, Stalingrad, Corregidor, Gallipoli and that is pretty much where Joe Biden is right now politically,” Carlson said to begin the segment.

He went on to note that Biden, according to the most recent polling data, is losing key demographics including blacks, Hispanics, and Independent voters.

“At this point, the White House is down to just two core constituencies: Anxious upper-income women with multiple college degrees and baron personal lives and members of the national news media. And even that might be overstating Biden’s support given that there is such dramatic overlap between those two groups,” he joked. “Essentially they are the same people.”

“Now, because it can always get worse, Biden appears to be losing even the media. This is an ominous development. It’s not an exaggeration to say that if this trend continues, it is the end of the Biden presidency,” he said, adding:

The media are the only reason Joe Biden is president and the first place. Biden didn’t campaign for the job, he didn’t hold rallies or give speeches or tell the public what he might do if elected. No, for nearly a year Joe Biden stayed home hiding in terror from infectious voters.

Instead, he let news organizations make his case for him, which they did. The media hid Biden’s faults, they attacked and censored his critics. In general, they gave no hint at all that you might be electing a senile mannequin with a lifelong history of sleazy behavior.

Voters had no clue, they didn’t know who Joe Biden actually was. And yet suddenly, news organizations have decided to tell them. It’s pretty amazing to watch it.

Carlson then gave the following examples:

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN: President Joe Biden has had a very tough week with setbacks for his agenda. COVID complications and the Supreme Court blocking his vaccine mandate.

CHUCK TODD, NBC: One year in Mr. Biden has the second-lowest approval rating ever measured in the White House. And it has never been less popular nationally.

MARGARET BRENNAN, CBS: 2022 is not exactly off to a good start for the Biden administration. 

JOHN KING, CNN: The country is frustrated, his party is frustrated, we are two weeks into a midterm election year, a few days away from a one-year anniversary, and it is very dark for him right now. 

ERIN BURNETT, CNN: Now he’s in the midst of what famous children’s book writer called “a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” time.

Continuing, Carlson also included comments from far-left MSNBC contribute Donny Deutsch, who opined that a growing number of people are saying Biden “seems old” suddenly, and from CNN host Don Lemon, who declared, “It’s a bad week for the president. Is there any other way to cut it?”

“The point is CNN is running away from Joe Biden. Even Don Lemon can see where this is going, he may be stupid, but his animal instincts are fully intact. Don Lemon could recognize a sinking ship when he sees one and he’s decided to disembark as swiftly as he can,” Carlson said.