Former Trump Official: Biden ‘Agenda Dead’

A former top official to President Donald Trump has proclaimed President Joe Biden’s agenda “dead,” exposing “his weakness.”

“Every time [Biden] goes up to the Hill to persuade his party, he loses,” former economic adviser Larry Kudlow told Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y. “That shows you his weakness.”

He went on to cite the words of Italian Niccolò Machiavelli in the 1500s.

“Machiavelli always said it is better to be feared than loved – Biden is neither feared nor loved,” Kudlow told to host John Catsimatidis. “That’s a very bad position for him to be in.”

Kudlow then went on to hit Biden over his voting rights speech in Atlanta last week, which was heavy on racist accusations against Republicans.

“[Biden’s] speech in Atlanta was a disgrace,” Kudlow said. “If you disagree with him about some of these election issues, all of a sudden you’re a racist? You are Jefferson Davis? You are George Wallace? That was an insult.”

He also noted that Biden’s administration lost at the U.S. Supreme Court, which struck down 6-3 OSHA’s coronavirus vaccine mandate and testing requirements for many private businesses.

“His presidency continues to unravel,” Kudlow added.

“He lost on the filibuster. He lost on the election takeover. He lost on the Supreme Court vaccine mandate [decision]. The big-government socialist [Build Back Better] bill is, in fact, dead. His entire agenda is dead,” he said.

Kudlow went on to note Biden’s hesitancy to make changes in his administration will continue to contribute to his political demise: “If you’re running a business, and you’re losing money everywhere” you would move to “bring in some new people.”

“In the midst of this disaster called the Biden presidency, he’s not making any changes at all,” Kudlow said. “I’m astonished by that. It makes you wonder if even he himself realizes how bad the situation is.

“His approval rating is now below the outside temperature in Washington, D.C.”

Recent polling has Biden’s approval at around 33 percent.

“They are going to have to clean house,” Kudlow said. “If they don’t and they continue down this radical left-wing path, then they will sink lower and lower in the polls.”

“The first thing I would do is get rid of Janet Yellen at Treasury and put in Larry Summers,” Kudlow said. “From the very beginning, Summers has called the inflation story correctly. He is opposing government spending and entitlement spending. He’s a heavyweight.”

Kudlow noted former President Bill Clinton famously reset on his administration to salvage his own presidency ahead of his 1996 reelection.

“[Biden has] got to say to the public, ‘You’ve elected me as a moderate; I’ve been governing as a radical leftist; I’m going to go back to being a moderate,'” Kudlow said. “That’s what Bill Clinton did 25 years ago. The trouble is Joe Biden is no Bill Clinton.

“He’s got to show the public that the-bait and-switch is over,” Kudlow concluded. “He’s got to get back to the center where they can do business with the Republican Party and a 50-50 Senate.”