Bongino Unloads On YouTube Following Suspension: ‘Kiss My A**’

Top podcaster and radio host Dan Bongino blasted Google-owned YouTube this week after the platform suspended him for violating content policy.

A YouTube spokesperson told the , “We removed a video for violating our policies on COVID-19 misinformation, specifically for comments that masks are useless, resulting in a first strike on the channel.”

The Big Tech platform also suspended the channel’s monetization “for repeatedly violating our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines on harmful and dangerous acts.”

One of the penalties for a first strike is that a channel cannot upload videos for one week, The Blaze .

The punishment set Bongino off, however, who responded with a challenge.

“We knew it was just a matter of time before the tyrannical, free-speech hating, bulls**t, big tech s**thole you work for, would try to silence us. I anxiously waited for this moment however, as I’ve said on my show many times,” he wrote to someone at YouTube.

“So here’s my deal to you, and there will be NO negotiation. After your ‘suspension,’ I will immediately post content questioning why masks have been totally ineffective in stopping this pandemic. I dare you to do something about it,” Bongino declared in the email.

Rumble came to Bongino’s support.