Former Trump Defense Secretary Miller on Milley: ‘A Disgraceful And Unprecedented Act Of Insubordination’

(USA Features) Former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, then-President Donald Trump’s last Pentagon chief, blasted Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley following a report he alerted his Chinese counterpart that he would warn him if the U.S. was preparing to launch a military strike.

Miller’s comments come after the Washington Post reported on Tuesday excerpts of a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa which said that Milley was concerned that Trump was going to strike China that he called Chinese Gen. Li Zuochen that the United States won’t attack and that if Trump wanted to, he would warn his counterpart.

“General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay. We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you,” Milley reportedly said.

“General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise,” he added.

Miller said in an interview with Fox News that he “did not and would not ever authorize” Milley to have “secret” calls with Li or any other top Chinese general, adding that he thinks the allegations against Milley are a “disgraceful and unprecedented act of insubordination.”

He added that Milley ought to resign “immediately.”

“The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the highest-ranking military officer whose sole role is providing military-specific advice to the president, and by law is prohibited from exercising executive authority to command forces,” Miller said.

“The chain of command runs from the President to the Secretary of Defense, not through the Chairman.”

According to the Daily Wire:

Fox News’s report said that their sources indicated that the calls “were not secret” and that about 15 people were on the two calls, which were allegedly conducted with the knowledge of then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper and then-acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, which Miller denied.

The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin disputed Griffin’s reporting, saying that his sources said that Milley did not properly coordinate the calls, adding that a senior agency official told him, “When Milley did these calls, it was with Joint Staff, and nobody from [Office of the Secretary of Defense] participated in it. If someone from State Department was on the call, the Joint Staff should say who it is.”

“If the reporting in Woodward’s book is accurate, it represents a disgraceful and unprecedented act of insubordination by the Nation’s top military officer,” Miller said, “histrionic outbursts and unsanctioned, anti-Constitutional involvement in foreign policy prove true, he must resign immediately or be fired by the Secretary of Defense to guarantee the sanctity of the officer corps.”

“Pursuit of partisan politics and individual self-interests are a violation of an officer’s sacred duty and have no place in the United States military.

“A lesser ranking officer accused of such behavior would immediately be relieved of duty pending a thorough and independent investigation,” Miller added.

He went on to add that any notion that Trump was intent on starting a war with China was “unfounded.”