‘Watching This Should Worry You:’ Carlson Says Afghanistan Refugee Policy Aimed at Keeping Dems in Power

(USA Features) Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Wednesday during his prime time program that while it seems apparent that President Joe Biden’s deadly, turbulent withdrawal from Afghanistan was fraught with disaster, Democrats are now touting it as a success in order to perpetuate their own power.

“While Washington’s Mass Delusion tour continues, it’s amazing to watch. Just hours ago, in the latest installment, the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff held a press conference at the Pentagon and they told us what they’ve been telling us all week from the White House and the State Department and everybody in charge,” he said as he began his monologue.

“They’re telling us that our departure from Afghanistan, the one that looks like a disaster to you, has, in fact, and this is directly from Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defense been a resounding success,” he continued.

“Of course, if you subtract the 13 dead Americans, the two dozen trapped schoolchildren, the Afghans falling off airplanes, or the fact that we armed the Taliban with $90 billion worth of automatic weapons and helicopters, it’s been great,” he said mockingly.

Carlson noted further that it appears as though Democrats and the Biden administration may actually believe their own “propaganda.”

“Watching all this should worry you. There are only two explanations for it,” he offered.

“Either every senior government official in Washington has been chugging Ayahuasca and has departed from reality on the early train, and that’s possible, or on some deeper level, maybe they’re actually telling the truth as they understand it,” he said.

“When they say this is a victory, maybe from their perspective, it is maybe what looks like chaos is in fact a plan of sorts, and maybe that plan is working just fine. Now, how can that be, you ask? This is all clearly a disaster. It’s on television. Voters hate it,” Carlson added.

He then offered a “theory” as to why Democrats do not seem to be concerned about the political fallout, namely, that the administration is working to import as many Afghan refugees as possible and place them in key ‘battleground’ states so that eventually, when they are made citizens and get to vote, they will support Democrats and permanently flip those states blue.

“So if you’ve gone online recently and visit the official website of the State Department run by Mr. Tony Blinken, you’d have found a list of what they call welcoming communities. These are places where Afghan refugees, in particular special immigration visa holders, will be settling in the United States,” Carlson said.

“And if you look at that list long enough, you may notice something, especially if you cover politics. You may notice that these communities include an awful lot of swing districts and swing states all over the United States. It’s not just Virginia,” he continued.

“Three of these communities are in Texas.The state the Democratic Party has tried to flip for years. Now it’s their first priority.”

Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Nevada, Colorado, they’re also on the list. Are you surprised by this? Funny. One swing state that’s not on the official list is Wisconsin, but they’re getting a lot of refugees from Afghanistan, too,” Carlson added.

He went on to note that the Biden administration and blue state policies regarding COVID-19 are also aimed at making it easier to vote by mail, which Republicans have criticized as being ripe for fraud because registration lists are habitually out of date.

So this isn’t about public health, this is about elections. If it was about public health, they’d be telling you to lose weight, but they’re not,” Carlson offered.

This is about elections. But whatever you do, don’t notice that, don’t ask questions about the thousands of Afghans they haven’t vetted.”