Trump Enthused About ‘War’ With Big Tech, ‘Looking Forward’ to Sitting For Deposition

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump said Friday he was “looking forward” to sitting down to be deposed by attorneys for big tech platforms after he filed a class-action lawsuit against three of them earlier in the week.

“I look forward to it. I love talking about the election fraud because it was the most fraudulent election — well, I think we’ve had a lot of them frankly — but the most fraudulent election in the history of our country,” Trump told The First TV host Bill O’Reilly.

Trump filed suit against Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, and Google, claiming, among other things, that the platforms have illegally censored conservative users including him.

“People know it. Every day we’re finding more and more proof of that. If you look at Georgia, if you look at Arizona,” Trump told O’Reilly regarding fraud.

“Now look at what’s happening with Pennsylvania, where they’re starting to go into it in great detail, and we’re talking about game-changers,” he continued.

However, the former president alleged, no one can talk about 2020 election theories on the aforementioned tech platforms because they’ll be censored, Trump alleged.

That said, Trump has been banned permanently from Twitter and for at least another two years from Facebook, which recently reviewed its previous decision to boot him after the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building.

We’re asking the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to order an immediate halt to social media companies’ illegal, shameful censorship of the American people. We’re going to hold Big Tech very accountable,” he told O’Reilly.

“Can you imagine, they take the sitting president of the United States off, but they leave people from Iran who say death to Israel, death to America? They don’t even get flagged, not that I see,” he added.

O’Reilly, who spent decades as cable news’ top host while at Fox News until he was ousted in 2017 over allegations of sexual harassment, asked if Trump’s attorneys are girded for the “war” ahead of them.

“Everything’s a war. With me, life is a war. And yeah, we’re prepared and somebody had to do it,” Trump said.

“I made a big speech in Florida the other day. We had 48,000 people, and the people were screaming, ‘When are you going to sue social media, big tech?’ Everybody wanted me to do this,” he added.

“They’re bad, they’re bad people, and they’re doing bad things, and they’re really hurting our nation and maybe in the process of destroying our nation. We’re not going to let that happen,” the former president continued.