Rep. Burgess Owens: Young Americans Graduating College Taught to Hate Their Country

(USA Features) Rep. Burgess Owens said Friday that young Americans are graduating college with degrees that don’t “really mean anything,” a lot of debt, and a hatred for their own country.

In an interview with Newsmax TV’s Grant Stinchfield, the Utah Republican and former NFL star said hatred of the country is being manifested in a number of ways, including through groups like Black Lives Matter, and is misguided.

“Let me tell you why you have people like that, making those kind of comments,” Owens said. “It’s because our education system that has our young people leaving college in debt with nothing that really means anything and hating our country.”

His point about colleges and universities was echoed by Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson.

Some institutions are “enabling the activist disciplines which have zero credibility,” Jordan said, adding that by enabling the activist disciplines, they are allowing for the distribution of this … absolutely nonsensical view that Western society is fundamentally a patriarchal tyranny.”

He called that thinking “absurd.”

In addition to some universities which are teaching programs that have no academic credibility, they nevertheless treat students like “sacred cash cows” by saddling them with debt from which they cannot declare bankruptcy, the two guests noted.

“So what you essentially have is a form of indentured servitude. There’s no excuse for that,” Peterson said.

And because universities want to get students’ loan money, they treat them as “fragile” because the same institutions don’t want students to drop out, he continued.

Owens noted that much of the curriculum on college campuses today is cultural Marxism.

“What cultural Marxism is, it’s a hatred of God, country, education, and the free market,” he told Stinchfield.

“It is built on chaos. It is purposely chaos,” he added.

“If you have people living in fear, they will grasp at any straw they can possibly grasp at, and anybody who promises them some semblance of safety.”