Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweets Sentiments from ‘Middle America’: ‘Dems Are In Major Trouble’

(USA Features) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sent out more than a dozen tweets over the Independence Day holiday weekend targeting Democrats and other lawmakers with messages she says are reflective of Middle America.

In a series of 15 tweets, the freshman Republican from Georgia was simply “letting everyone in the swamp know what’s up,” she told the Washington Examiner.

“Most of the people that I talk to daily are regular Americans and I like it that way because I am one of them,” she began. “This is everything people are saying that DC can’t even come close to understanding because Washington can’t relate.”

“People have stopped watching the news bc they are sick & tired of the fake news media, including Fox News. People feel like the mainstream media is the most destructive dividing force in our country,” she continued. “They know the media only reports what they want you to see.”

She then predicted that Democrats would have difficulty holding onto Congress during next year’s midterm elections for various reasons.

“Democrats are in major trouble going into ’22 for putting America in peril and danger on 2 fronts. The border & attacking the police,” she wrote.

“And Americans don’t buy Democrats lies about either issue. All voters want safe communities, not drug infested, gang controlled, violence,” she added.

“The 2020 election is still #1 to Republican voters. Many want it fixed before ’22 & even democrat voters admit there was fraud with absentee ballots,” Greene continued, adding that GOP “voters are furious at elected Republicans that won’t listen or do anything about it & they are most vulnerable in ’22.”

“Republicans are angry at the biggest Republican fundraising giants who are raising money to protect House members who voted to impeach Pres Trump and kick me off committees,” said the Georgia firebrand. “Donors & voters want a fighting GOP, not spineless GOP, & they don’t want their money going to RINOs.”

She also said voters don’t care about COVID-19 and are not concerned about the emerging Delta variant.

“They are over covid & there is no amount of fear based screaming from the media that will ever force Americans to shut down again,” she wrote, adding: “Forced masks and vaccines will cause Dems to lose big.”

While most Middle Americans are not impressed with President Joe Biden, according to Green, “No one likes Kamala. Not even the Democrats.”

“She failed miserably as a Presidential candidate,” Greene continued. “Even people that work for her hate her. Big liability for Democrats in 2024.”

Green New Deal policies like pushing electric vehicles are also not popular in Middle America, Greene says.

“People don’t want the Green New Deal & don’t want to be forced into dependency on Chinese batteries in their government mandated EVs,” she wrote.

She went on to mention Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., who is regularly accused of being anti-Semitic, by name.

“Everyone hates Ilhan Omar, both sides of the aisle. She is an anti-semitic, hate-America, ungrateful refugee, who married her brother and broke the law to get him in the country,” Greene wrote. “Pelosi’s protection of Omar is making her look BAD, and America should send Omar back.”

“The non-stop dog whistle labeling everything racist is broken,” she observed. “We’ve had a black POTUS, VP woman of color, black members of Congress, and so many successful & wealthy black Americans. We don’t care about color, we care about character. MLK’s dream came true, thank God!”

Greene went on to say that most Americans reject transgenderism in women’s sports, where biological men are increasingly competing with women, and that most Americans are patriotic and do not approve of flag-bashing disrespect.

“The persistent hate the American flag vomit coming from the radical left makes the Democrat party look really really bad,” she noted. “The Stars and Stripes stands for freedom all over the world and every U.S. soldier that died fell on a battlefield defending our flag and our freedoms.

“If you don’t like America or our flag, then get the hell out of our GREAT country & go live in some other shithole Socialist or Communist country that shares your hate for America, our flag, & our God given freedoms,” she said in conclusion. “You don’t deserve to be an American if you hate our flag.”