Trump Org Sues NYC After De Blasio’s Cancellation of Golf Course Contract

(USA Features) The Trump Organization has filed suit against the City of New York over the cancellation of a contract to run a Bronx golf course, calling the decision political.

The lawsuit was filed in state court and argues that the contract between New York City and the organization doesn’t give Mayor Bill de Blasio authorization to terminate it over actions committed by some of former President Donald Trump’s supporters at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6.

The suit asks the court to allow the Trump Organization to continue managing the golf course or pay millions of dollars to get out of the agreement, The Epoch Times reported Tuesday.

“Mayor de Blasio’s actions are purely politically motivated, have no legal merit, and are yet another example of the mayor’s efforts to advance his own partisan agenda and interfere with free enterprise,” the Trump Organization noted in a statement.

New York City’s attorneys, however, argued that the Trump Organization violated the terms of the contract and they will “vigorously defend” the city’s termination decision in court.

De Blasio announced he was terminating the contract following the Jan. 6 protests which he blamed squarely on the former president’s alleged incitement of “criminal action.”

Several banks and other companies have since refused to do future business with the Trump Organization following the Capitol incident.

City officials argue that Trump can no longer attract PGA-level tournaments to the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in the Bronx since the Jan 6. incident.

But Trump Organization lawyers countered, arguing in the lawsuit that the contract doesn’t require it to attract tournaments, only that it must maintain a course that is “first-class, tournament quality.”

Earlier this year after de Blasio’s announcement, Eric Trump was critical of the decision and said it would cost the city $30 million to get out of its contract.

That figure was cited again in the lawsuit.