Cotton: Dem’s H.R. 1 Would ‘Federalize’ All Elections and Destroy Integrity

(USA Features) Sen. Tom Cotton noted in an op-ed published Friday that Democrats’ H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” would “federalize” all elections and prevent states from requiring and implementing voter integrity measures such as absentee ballot signature matching, cleaning up voter registration rolls, and requiring a valid ID to vote.

If passed, the Arkansas Republican wrote in at Breitbart News, the measure “would shred critical safeguards on our elections, allowing individuals to vote without providing any hard proof of who they are or even whether they are legally allowed to be in our country.”

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“It’s hardly a coincidence that Democrats are ignoring the Biden border crisis while weakening our election laws. The For the People Act might as well have been tailormade to encourage voter fraud and ensure Democrats rule the Swamp for generations to come,” he added.

“The bill would federalize our elections so that states have little control over how voting proceeds within their jurisdiction,” the former U.S. Army Ranger notes. “Red states like Arkansas and Florida would no longer be able to take extra precautions to ensure the integrity of their elections. Instead, election law would be dictated from Washington, D.C. in uniform—and uniformly terrible—fashion.”

In addition to banning voter ID laws, H.R. 1 would also “make permanent many of the vote-by-mail expansions that were rushed through as emergency measures during the pandemic,” said Cotton, including “ballot harvesting” and universal use of mail-in ballots. In addition, the Democrat-led bill would not allow states to police voter registration lists and remove ineligible names.

Getting rid of those protections, Cotton argued, will only create further confusion and post-election chaos, as well as a lack of faith in our electoral process.

“Shredding limitations on mail-in ballots in all future elections will only convince more voters that the electoral process is rigged and that their votes do not count,” he wrote. “Responsible politicians should be trying to assuage voters’ fears by implementing adequate safeguards on our elections.”

“This bill is called the ‘For the People Act.’ The right question to ask is: which people?” Cotton, who is also a Harvard-educated attorney, added. “It’s clear that the Democrats didn’t have the American people as a whole in mind when drafting this bill.”

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