Analyst: A President Biden in his 80s a ‘scary proposition’ because of mental acuity issues

(USA Features) A political analyst and media reporter for The Hill said Tuesday that Joe Biden is “a different person” that he was even a few years ago when he was serving as vice president.

Joe Concha, in an interview with Fox News, noted further he found it “so ironic” that many in the media continue to question President Donald Trump’s mental acuity but not Biden’s, even after the former VP has made a series of well-publicized gaffes and misstatements on the campaign trail.

In fact, “Mr. Biden’s decline is completely off-limits,” many Washington-based reporters have asserted, said Concha.

The media and political analyst noted that he recently reviewed the 2012 debate between incumbent VP Biden and GOP vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.), and Biden was obviously a different person back then.

“He is sharp — I’m talking about Biden. He has a grasp of the facts and his arguments. He is quick. He is a different person then–he was in his late 60s–than the version that we are seeing now,” Concha stated.

“And, think about this for a moment,” he urged. “If Joe Biden wins, you are not getting late sixties 2012 Joe Biden or 2020 Joe Biden, you are getting a Joe Biden who will be in his 80s. And, given the decline that we are seeing … that’s a scary proposition.”

While acknowledging that most people make mistakes under the spotlight, with Biden, it “seems to be on an hourly basis,” Concha remarked.

“And his campaign knows it because, again, why would they limit him so much during these campaign rallies to seven minutes?”

Concha said Biden’s behavior on the campaign trail and debate stages makes his choice for a vice president “crucial.”

“And, that’s why I’m buying into the whole ‘ could be the number two,’ because people are thinking what’s the backup plan to Joe Biden if he continues down this path?” he concluded.

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