New Emerson poll shows Trump receiving best approval rating of presidency

A newly released survey by Emerson College Polling on Tuesday found that President Donald Trump has received his best approval rating to date in that particular poll.

The survey found that 48 percent of respondents approve of the president’s job performance, while 44 percent said they disapprove, for a net +4 rating.

Also, the survey found President Trump beating four of the top five Democratic rivals, with only Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leading him, 51-49.

The president tops 50 percent of the vote against Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, though in each case his lead is only a couple of points.

While Trump has been at 48 percent in the Emerson poll several times before, his disapproval numbers are lower than they’ve ever been, Emerson said.

Emerson has been one of the president’s better polls, along with Rasmussen Reports. The latter was one of the few polling firms to correctly forecast Trump’s 2016 victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

In the Democratic nomination battle, meanwhile, Sanders holds a healthy national lead at 29 percent support. Biden is next with 22 percent and  Bloomberg, who was a Republican mayor of New York City before abandoning the GOP, is third at 14 percent.

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