Trump suggests Bloomberg engaging in illegal campaign contributions as ‘payoffs’

President Donald Trump on Tuesday took a shot at rising 2020 Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg, accusing him of attempting to buy the presidency with illegal “payoffs.”

“What Mini Mike is doing is nothing less than a large scale illegal campaign contribution,” Trump tweeted Tuesday. “He is ‘spreading’ money all over the place, only to have recipients of his cash payments, many former opponents, happily joining or supporting his campaign. Isn’t that called a payoff?”

“Mini is illegally buying the Democrat Nomination. They are taking it away from Bernie again. Mini Mike, Major Party Nominations are not for sale! Good luck in the debate tomorrow night and remember, no standing on boxes!” he .

The president’s comments come after Bloomberg has, thus far, spent more than $400 million of his own money just on political advertising. Bloomberg, founder of the media empire bearing his name, is estimated to be worth around $62 billion.

Meanwhile, another Democratic frontrunner, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has only spent about $40 million by comparison on ads.

Bloomberg, a former New York City mayor, is currently running third in some national polls, with about 15 percent support.

Sanders is leading most polls and is ahead in popular vote totals after the first two Democratic primaries, but he is behind Pete Buttigieg in the delegate count.

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