Democrat strategist predicts Trump will receive dramatically more black support in 2020

A Democratic political strategist on Sunday predicted that President Donald Trump will win far more support from blacks in 2020 than the 8 percent support he received in 2016 because he is making a serious outreach effort to them.

“I’m gonna send this flag up so the Democratic Party — people need to understand this,” Jamal Simmons, a political analyst for CBS News, said Sunday on “Face The Nation.”

“We talked to Terrance Woodbury, who’s a young African American pollster. He has been saying for months that President Trump has been going very hard at African American men,” Simmons added.

Simmons, a veteran of the campaigns of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, said Trump’s friendship with rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian, the extradition of rapper A$AP Rocky from Sweden, and getting an increase in funding for historically black colleges and universities all would likely lead to an increase in his popularity among young, black voters.

“They’re not gonna let up,” he said of the president’s outreach to that voting bloc.

During his State of the Union speech Tuesday, Trump touted his economic policy successes during his three-year tenure, including putting putting more blacks back to work — the most in several generations.

“The unemployment rate is the lowest in over half a century,” Trump claimed.

“And very incredibly, the average unemployment rate under my administration is lower than any administration in the history of our country,” the president said. “If we hadn’t reversed the failed economic policies of the previous administration, the world would not now be witnessing this great economic success.”

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