Former fed prosecutor McCarthy says Democrats could continue Trump impeachment after acquittal

Former federal prosecutor and assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy said in a Saturday interview that even if the Senate acquits President Donald Trump this week of impeachment charges, as looks likely, the Democratic House majority could still continue their inquiry.

“I think he should be concerned about that anyway,” McCarthy told Fox News’ Ed Henry in regards to whether the president should be concerned about more ‘bombshell’ information coming from his former national security adviser, John Bolton.

“Even if we get out of the four corners of this Senate trial, that doesn’t mean that the House impeachment investigation is over,” McCarthy continued.

“And to my mind, what this has always been about, since they never really had a realistic idea of removing the president, has been the politics of 2020,” McCarthy said.

Democrats’ objective now is to damage President Trump as much as possible in the public’s view.

“As long as they think that they can bruise Trump up so that — their goal is to make him unelectable in the stretch run of the campaign — as long as that’s a possibility, sure there can be all kinds of stuff between now and then,” he said.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey published Monday said that the four-month impeachment ordeal has not hurt Trump politically.

In fact, the survey found, impeachment actually energized his Republican base even more than it already was.

2 thoughts on “Former fed prosecutor McCarthy says Democrats could continue Trump impeachment after acquittal”

  1. What else can they do? As pathetic as their posturing is, they know that the investigations going on against their liberal heroes will produce some pretty rough stuff, and their last, desperate hope is to find some nothing to build into something in the hope of distracting the American people’s attention from their own dirty deeds.

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