California voters say homelessness No. 1 issue in 2020

As California’s homeless problem spreads throughout the state and worsens, a majority of voters say it has become their number one issue heading into the 2020 presidential primaries in March.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, a plurality of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are most likely to vote in the March 3 primary agree that homelessness has become their most important issue.

They want to see Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers, in which Democrats have a super majority, to work on fixing the problem this year.

Twenty-one percent of Democrats and Independents said it was their primary issue of concern, while 29 percent of Republicans said so.

The next highest priorities for likely Democratic voters are housing affordability and the environment, the paper reported.

Meanwhile, Republicans said they were more concerned about illegal immigration and high taxes.

“Health care has become a lesser focus for Democrats, according to the poll,” the paper reported further.

More than 150,000 California residents are homeless, according to the latest counts.

Priorities for Californians stand in stark contrast to priorities voiced by voters in the rest of the country.

According to a Gallup poll released earlier this week, Democrats nationwide consider health care the most important issue, which is closely followed by gun control and climate change.

Overall, “healthcare, national security, gun policy, education and the economy” were cited as “extremely important” by over 30 percent of adults in the poll.

That said, homelessness is unique to California. As Breitbart News reported last month, the state’s 16.4 percent increase in homelessness is “entirely” responsible for the nation’s overall 2.7 percent increase, according to federal statistics.

6 thoughts on “California voters say homelessness No. 1 issue in 2020”

  1. Daniel C. Ashley

    The most beautiful state in the nation has been turned into a cesspit

    This is what the democratic party brought us in California:
    • Highest 9th-grade dropout rate in the nation
    • Highest poverty rate in the nation
    • 12% of the nation's population, and 32% of the nation’s welfare
    • Highest homeless rate in the nation with 50% of the nation&’s homeless
    • Worst schools as measured by average academic achievement across those entire population
    • Worst traffic and Worst roads.
    • Rape is not a violent crime
    • Typhus, TB, hepatitis B, and STD epidemics in every major city.
    • 50% of all college freshmen require remedial (high school level) math and English
    • Ballot harvesting used to deny the electorate of its rights
    • To go camping, you must make reservations six months in advance
    • Multi-million dollar apartments exist in crime infested, human poop infested, homeless areas. The residents ignore the homeless
    • K-12 students are not taught the failures of socialism and the success of capitalism
    • Highest STD rate in the nation
    • Police cannot arrest shoplifters.
    • Police cannot arrest druggies
    • Sanctuary state: protects illegal alien murderers
    • Primary producer of pornography
    • Worst air quality in the nation (Stockton, Modesto)
    • 70 cents of the price of gas (now $5 A gallon) is a “cap and trade” tax that goes to a useless bullet train from Merced (nowhere) to Bakersfield (another nowhere) LOOK UP ON the map where the places are.
    • Outlaw straws in restaurants. If a waitress gives you one without you asking for it, she could personally get a $1,000 fine.
    • 10 cent tax on grocery bags. Grocery bags used to be made out of natural gas and steam. In the landfill, worms would eat the old style bags. Now the bags are made out of petroleum. Nothing eats THEM.
    • Vehicle repair costs each driver $750 per year in auto repairs due to crumbling streets per the Los Angeles Times.
    • Water shortage. Not one large reservoir has been built in 40 years. Yet, billions of gallons of fresh water flow out to the sea to protect the natural habitat of an extinct 2″ fish.
    • Coffee is a cancer-causing chemical (only in California)
    • Cost of legal representation is so high ($15,000 For a simple case) that most Californians are locked out of the legal system.
    • A kid can get a ticket for running a lemonade stand in their front yard…


  2. You deserve the representatives you vote for. Period. Fix it or sit down and STFU. The ball is in your court.

  3. We know homelessness is skyrocketing here in mexifornia. And numbnuts newsome is going to throw yet more millions at the problem using the same failed strategies. In other words; nobody in mexifornia has any idea how ti fix the problem, yet the answer is so obvious.

  4. Promiscuous in granting sanctuary to illegals, medical to illegals, welfare to illegals and inviting grifters from other states and countries who choose to game the system

  5. The number one problem in California is not homelessness; it is the Democratically controlled cities of Los Angeles (Garcetti and LA City Council) and Pelosi (San Francisco) and the state government (Newsome) which are

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