John Kerry slams Trump for unwinding Iran deal in wake of missile attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq

Former Secretary of State John Kerry criticized President Donald Trump in an op-ed for The New York Times on Thursday for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal he negotiated on behalf of the Obama administration.

Kerry, who is backing former Vice President Joe Biden’s bid to become the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, that Trump’s actions were only aimed at undoing a legacy-making accomplishment by his predecessor.

“He put his disdain for anything done by the last administration ahead of his duty to keep the country safe,” Kerry wrote.

Kerry, a long-serving U.S. senator before joining the Obama team and the Democratic Party’s 2004 presidential nominee, also said the nuclear deal was working but it was thrown away, which then empowered Iran’s Quds Force Commander Qasem Suleimani, whom Trump targeted last week with a drone strike.

“There were no missile attacks on United States facilities. No ships were being detained or sabotaged in the Persian Gulf,” he wrote about the state of the Middle East under the deal. “There were no protesters breaching our embassy in Baghdad. Iraq welcomed our presence fighting ISIS.”

He also said that though Suleimani was a “sworn” enemy of the United States, America benefited from his efforts to fight ISIS.

“Occasionally, when American and Iranian interests aligned, as they did in fighting ISIS, we were the serendipitous beneficiaries of his relationships and levers, as were the Iraqis,” he said referring to Suleimani. “But this was a rare exception.”

During his tenure as Quds Force commander, members of Congress, U.S. military commanders, and other American officials have said Soleimani was responsible for some 600 deaths of U.S. military personnel fighting in Iraq.

“In 2016, we defused deep disagreements with Iran over prisoners and averted conflict when American sailors inadvertently entered Iranian waters and were detained by Iranian forces,” he wrote.

“We have been left with an incoherent Iran and Iraq policy that has made the region more dangerous and put Americans at greater risk,” he wrote.

1 thought on “John Kerry slams Trump for unwinding Iran deal in wake of missile attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq”

  1. Brian FitzGerald

    You can take pretty much everything John Kerry said in his editorial and INVERT IT.
    Their so-called “policy” regarding Iran was treasonous.
    To make an agreement with a dedicated and sworn enemy of the USA (Iran) that allows it to develop nuclear weapons AND then FUND the effort with billions of taxpayer dollars is hard to describe otherwise.
    Having seen how these Democrats enriched themselves in the Ukraine with kickbacks to friends and family, we can be assured likewise happened in “the Iran deal” particularly since a HUGE amount of cash was involved.
    And let’s not forget that Kerry and Obama purposely circumvented the treaty process to make this “deal” between themselves and the mullahs of Iran. They knew the Senate did not back it but somehow were still able to pull it off.
    In the history of this nation, if ever there were “high crimes and misdemeanors”, these were such.
    Bill Barr. Please don’t fail us.

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