Warren campaign continuing to struggle as 2020 Dem rivals pass her by

Sen. Elizabeth Warren shot out of the gate in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, but in recent weeks her campaign has flagged ahead of a primary season set to begin in Iowa next month.

Soft polling combined with faltering fundraising numbers over in December are leading some political analysts to predict her demise as she remains behind frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden, who has his own problems.

“There are three tickets out of Iowa and New Hampshire. You need to finish top three in one of those states, unless we are looking at a brokered convention, which is a possibility, given the fluidity of this race,” Christopher Hahn, “Aggressive Progressive” podcast host and former Democratic strategist, told the Washington Examiner.

According to Democrats, Warren’s biggest hurdle to overcome in both of those states is managing expectations, which are higher than most because of her ground game in those states.

She’s built an impressive paid campaign staff in the early caucus states, but at this point it isn’t clear that solid underpinning will pay dividends.

The Iowa caucuses are February 3 and the primary in New Hampshire is Feb. 11.

“We need to get the votes. And we need to give people some experience with it,” Warren said when pressed on the changes she has made to her campaign.

They include attacking opponents more vigorously and has backed off support for a big government program, “Medicare for All,” while Sen. Bernie Sanders, a main rival, continues to advocate for it.

New Hampshire state Rep. Tim Egan wouldn’t use the word “desperate,” but he said it was uncommon for Warren to “change oars in the middle of the river.”

“They are trying a lot of things that they normally wouldn’t have tried if their campaign had solid growth,” he told the Washington Examiner.

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