Zogby: Trump approval rating climbs to 50 percent as swing voters return to support him

A new survey from Zogby Analytics found that President Donald Trump’s approval rating is 50 percent, in part because he has won back support from swing voters.

In addition, the president comes out ahead of all 2020 Democratic frontrunners for their party’s presidential nomination.

“Trump is doing well and winning back support with important swing voters: Independents [42% at least somewhat approve/52% at least somewhat disapprove], Hispanics [45% at least somewhat approve/55% at least somewhat disapprove] and women [44% at least somewhat approve/53% at least somewhat disapprove],” pollster Jonathan Zogby reported in the survey.

Trump’s overall support is 50 percent positive to 48 percent negative, according to the poll, which surveyed 865 likely voters, divided equally among the parties.

The poll carried a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.

Zogby noted Trump is doing well with part of the traditional Democrat base and with the most “vulnerable voters,” including people who:

  • Lost a job: 65 percent at least somewhat approve/33 percent at least somewhat disapprove.
  • Afraid of losing a job: 52 percent at least somewhat approve/45 percent at least somewhat disapprove.
  • At a job that pays less: 52 percent at least somewhat approve/47 percent at least somewhat disapprove.
  • Gone without food for 24 hours: 57 percent at least somewhat approve/44 percent at least somewhat disapprove.

As for how the president matches up with the leading Democratic rivals:

  • Trump, 46 percent; ex-Vice President Joe Biden, 45 percent.
  • Trump, 44 percent; ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 42 percent.
  • Over Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., 47 percent-45 percent.
  • Over Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., 47 percent-43 percent.
  • Over South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 45 percent-41 percent.

Zogby also claimed that Independents were swinging for Sanders and Bloomberg.

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