Justice Dept. clears Trump of any wrongdoing in call with Ukrainian leader

The Justice Department’s Criminal Division has cleared President Donald Trump of any wrongdoing regarding a phone call he had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in July, despite House Democrats’ claims of a “quid pro quo” and “bribery.”

Specifically, the DoJ found that nothing about the conversation violated campaign finance laws, and that Trump did not seek assistance from Zelensky to investigate the Ukraine-related activities of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

In addition, a separate division within the department also said that the administration did not break any laws by failing to quickly share a whistleblower’s complaint with Congress, noting the matter did not meet the legal definition of “urgent.”

Also, the department released a transcript of the president’s conversation with Zelensky, which did show that he mentioned the Bidens. However, the transcript does not show that the president threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine, as the whistleblower claimed and as Democrats continue to claim.

Trump also told Zelensky that his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Attorney General William Barr would be reaching out to him regarding an investigation into Ukrainian corruption that could involve the Bidens.

“I will have Mr. Giuliani give you a call and I am also going to have Attorney General William Barr give you a call and we will get to the bottom of it,” Trump said, according to a review of the transcript by the Washington Times.

The president also said it would be “great” if Ukraine would reopen a previous investigation into alleged corruption involving an energy company that was paying Hunter Biden tens of thousands per month to be a board member.

“The other thing, there’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that [Joe] Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great,” the president said, according to the transcript.

“Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution. See if you can look into it….it sounds horrible to me,” he added.

Zelensky said that a newly appointed prosecutor would “look into the situation.”

“The issue of the investigation of the case … so we will take care of that and work on the investigation of the case,” he said.

Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec told the Times that Barr was only made aware of the July phone call several weeks later.

“The attorney general has not communicated with Ukraine — on this or any other subject. Nor has the attorney general discussed this matter, or anything relating to Ukraine with Rudy Giuliani,” she added.

While the intelligence community’s inspector general said the whistleblower showed political bias in reporting the Ukraine allegations, he added that it was urgent enough to have been shared immediately with Congress and the director of national intelligence.

But the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel disagreed.

“The question is whether such a complaint falls within the statutory definition of ‘urgent concern’ that the law requires the DNI to forward to the intelligence committees. We conclude that it does not,” wrote Steven A. Engel, assistant attorney general at the OLC.

14 thoughts on “Justice Dept. clears Trump of any wrongdoing in call with Ukrainian leader”

  1. Someone has a bad case of trump derangement syndrome and unfortunately the only cure is to try to remember to use your common sense

  2. The DOJ is run by criminals who are just as insane as trump , it’s very clear they operate only to clear trump of any wrong doing . It’s called the Barr has been taking payments from trump . Not only that but Barr has his son working at the WH

  3. The DOJ is a criminal organization. They only exist to cover up trumps crimes . What ashamed. America politics and political leadership have become a criminal organization. At moment who ever trump hates or won’t let him put up hotels in their country trump kills or invades there country . Trump is criminal is using America for gain . He has already stolen millions from taxpayers all he does is go golfing and a constant basis . He is using the invasion of Iran as a distraction.remember what Cohen said . Trump is very devious, delusional, insane and will lie about everything.

  4. The world knew the DOJ was gonna say trump is innocent. Ha haha the DOJ is a farce is a criminal organization. Let’s not forget who had Epstein killed .. Barr was in complete charge of the facility where Epstein was being kept . Barr oversees every jail in America. Barr and trump had Epstein killed .

  5. Of course he trump commited a crime we all know Barr will lie cheat and steal for trump . Trump is guilty as sin . Barr is shooting off his mouth like he always does .since the hiring of Barr by the trump administration Barr has been bowing down to trump like a puppy . This clearly shows trump is criminal. Let’s not for get the valuable Russian double agent who trump exposed . Trump exposed him to Putin quickly. Trump is criminal.

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  7. The democrats should be held accountable and there should be some type of charges filed against them for the ongoing harassment of our President and for the misuse of our tax dollars. Additionally, I no longer believe that the “d” in democrat deserves to be capitalized. The last three years of their political priorities should be concerning to the People and their work production for America should be judged. UNACCEPTABLE.

  8. This surprises the he77 out of me inasmuch as I thought the DOJ was still owned and operated by the Deep State.

  9. So what should be against the law is making up lies to pass on to congress that the President is trying to use corruption in Ukraine to win the election.
    Congress should be investigating the corruption of the prior administration in using corruption in Ukraine to win the 2016 election.

  10. So, the dems are lying as usual. With this, the so called impeachment should be put in the shredder, and all those house dems should be placed in stocks, and we should throw eggs at them.

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