Trump: Pelosi, Democrats ‘violating the Constitution’ with refusal to transmit impeachment articles

During a raucous political rally in the battleground state of Florida Saturday, President Donald Trump accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Democrats of violating constitutional principles by delaying transmission of impeachment articles to the Senate.

“It’s so unfair,” the president said during a speech at an event sponsored by conservative group Turning Point USA. “They are violating the Constitution.”

Trump said that Democrats, through their impeachment, were attempting to “overthrow” the results of the 2016 election.

“They call themselves Democrats, but they really don’t believe in democracy,” he said.

The president praised House Republicans for universally refusing to vote to impeach as a few Democrats crossed the aisle to oppose it.

“We have to say it was a bipartisan vote,” Trump said. “No Republican went to their side.”

Moving forward, Trump encouraged young conservatives to stand up to the “radical left.”

“The Democrat Party is trying to shred our Constitution, tear down our history and erase the nation’s borders,” Trump said.

“Each of you are on the front lines of defending our way of life,” he added. “The radical left doesn’t stand a chance against young conservatives who put America first.”

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