Giuliani says Democrats ‘want to execute me’ over his Ukraine investigation

Presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani said Thursday that Democrats want to see him ‘executed’ for continuing to probe alleged corruption involving the 2016 election, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Joe and Hunter Biden.

The former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor made his remarks during an address at the Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Fla.

According to CBS 12 News, he said that Democrats and reporters are currently going through his past looking for incriminating information about him.

“They want to put (Attorney General William) Barr in prison, and they want to execute me,” Giuliani said.

Turning to the president’s impeachment, Giuliani said, “Its illegal, it’s immoral and its unconstitutional.”

And The Palm Beach Post reported that Giuliani said there is no “high crime or misdemeanor called ‘abuse of power.’” The paper added that he said “the biggest obstruction of Congress is (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi.”

The newspaper also noted that Giuliani had previously acknowledged meeting with Ukrainians and encouraging a probe of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter and their dealings with Ukraine.

Giuliani traveled to Ukraine earlier this month to continue following leads and gathering evidence, he said.

“Joe Biden can actually just be carrying a sign ‘I committed bribery. I committed bribery’ and the press will say the charges have been debunked,” Giuliani said. “He is so guilty, it is ridiculous.

The Miami Herald quoted Giuliani as saying: “I could prosecute that case in three weeks and if I didn’t get a conviction, I’d resign from practicing law.”

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