Facebook coming under assault from liberal groups for courting conservatives

Facebook’s business practices are coming under attack from liberal organizations who accuse the social media giant of courting conservative allies in Washington, D.C., in an attempt to stave off regulatory actions.

That said, conservatives have mostly rejected Facebook’s lobbying efforts, the Washington Times .

Liberal critics are upset that Facebook seems willing to engage conservatives will allowing them to remain on the social media platform.

As such, they have begun a non-stop anti-Facebook public relations effort that was organized by Unbendable Media, a progressive PR firm in Washington and New York established in 2016 as a successor to the now-defunct FitzGibbon Media.

Among Unbendable Media’s clients is Media Matters, a liberal watchdog organization, as well as Demand Justice, a Left-leaning advocacy organization that focuses on the federal judiciary.

Both organizations began an anti-Facebook campaign earlier this month, the Times reports.

Conservatives, however, have largely rejected the company’s advances.

Liberal critics despise the company’s willingness to associate with conservatives and to permit them on the company’s platform. They have started a relentless anti-Facebook public relations campaign organized by Unbendable Media, a progressive media relations firm in Washington and New York that formed in 2016 as a successor to the now-defunct FitzGibbon Media.

In one tactic, Media Matters flew a plane over the Facebook HQ building in Menlo Park, Calif., trailing a banner that said, “Facebook Right Wing Lies” November 5. Unbendable Media sent photos of the plane’s flight to reporters.

The group also has been hammering Facebook with “studies” for several months that argue the company is not censoring but boosting conservatives.

Conservatives, meanwhile, have complained for more than two years that Facebook is censoring right-leaning content.

“Since July, Mr. Zuckerberg has met privately with influential conservatives such as Fox News personality Tucker Carlson and commentator Ben Shapiro. More recently, the company embraced various conservatives in public,” the Times reported.

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  1. toetagger

    The left should BOYCOTT FACEBOOK.

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