Trump touts new progress on U.S. southwest border wall

President Donald Trump on Tuesday took to Twitter to tout additional progress being made on a central 2016 campaign promise — the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In recent weeks the president has generated some controversy when touting border wall construction. Critics pointed out that no new sections of wall have been erected during his presidency.

As such, Trump was clear about what kind of construction was taking place.

“When the Military rips down an old & badly broken Border Wall in an important location, & replaces it with a brand new 30 ft. high Steel & Concrete Wall, Nancy Pelosi says we are not building a Wall. Wrong, and it is going up fast,” the president wrote.

Last week the Washington Examiner reported that the Trump administration has not completed a single mile of barrier on a previously unfenced portion of the 2,000-mile southern border, although construction has begun on parts of it.

The news outlet said that as of Nov. 15, 83 miles of barriers had been built along the border with Mexico in the 34 months since Trump took office.

However, those have been built entirely “in place of dilapidated and outdated designs,” according to a document written by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers.

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