Case against national security advisor Michael Flynn should be reopened to ‘investigate the investigators,’ former aide says

The case of former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn ought to be reopened so that officials can “investigate the investigators,” said K.T. McFarland, his ex-deputy.

In speaking out about Flynn for the first time since President Trump fired him in February 2017 just a few weeks after inauguration, McFarland told Fox News, “I think that it all bears a lot of reinvestigation.”

“Not just what happened to Gen. Flynn, but the entire (thing). It’s time to investigate the investigators,” she added.

McFarland also said that based on her own personal experience, Flynn’s firing was a “very difficult, pressured time.” The firing was followed by Trump’s firing of then-FBI Director James Comey, which triggered an investigation into the president by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“They are in the position to do what they want,” McFarland said of the Mueller probe, which cleared Trump of any collusion with Russia but left open the question of whether he obstructed justice to Congress.

Trump ensured his administration cooperated with the probe but the president did not sit for an interview with Mueller.

“That’s great if they are looking after terrorists and convicted criminals and hardcore people. You want them to have that ability. When it is used for a political purpose that’s one of the most powerful instruments the United States government has,” McFarland said.

As for Mueller’s probe, it was for “political purposes” toward “people who are biased against the president,” she said.

McFarland said she hasn’t spoken with Flynn since he was fired.

She did, however, comment on his attorney’s claims that his FBI interview memorandums, or 302s, were changed to force him to cooperate with Mueller’s probe.

“General Flynn did not have a lawyer with him when the two FBI Agents came to the White House,” she said.

“Now, when those interviews are finished the FBI Agents… take the handwritten notes and they file it in a digital file… They’re not supposed to be tampered with, they’re not supposed to be changed — they’re certainly not supposed to be changed after the fact.”

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