Russia preparing new nuclear-capable ballistic missiles

Russia is building and testing a new generation of nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, including a new type that was tested for the first time on Wednesday.

Moscow is rebuilding and modernizing its arsenal after decades of low economic growth made it impossible to do so.

Defense officials tested a Bulava missile from a nuclear-powered submarine, the Knyaz Vladimir, during trials in the White Sea, according to officials.

The Kremlin noted that the submarine, which is named for the 10th-century prince, Vladimir the Great, fired the missile while submerged. The Bulava’s dummy warhead landed near the Kamchatk Peninsula in the eastern part of Russia.

The sub can carry up to 16 missiles and torpedoes. It is scheduled to be delivered to the Russian Navy by the end of December and will become part of Russia’s Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseyev said.

The Moscow Times reported Wednesday Moscow is also planning at least five additional tests over the next year for its new liquid-fueled Sarmat, or Satan-2, nuclear missile. The weapon is equipped with multiple hypersonic warheads to evade defense systems.

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