Woman in Nebraska finds a wedding ring in the oddest place

Think for a moment: Where would be one of the weirdest places you think you’d ever find a wedding ring?

Well, a Nebraska woman just found one in a purse she was buying at a Goodwill store in Lincoln.

Mary Morton, a student at the University of Nebraska, said she was at the thrift store to buy a Halloween costume when she happened upon the old purse which she bought as an accessory.

Later, she discovered the ring, and now she’s trying to find out who it belongs to.

“It was very obvious that it’s been worn a lot and that someone for some reason took it off,” Morton told KOLN-TV. “It was precious to someone. I’ve run through a thousand scenarios in my head.”

“I pull out some saline packets, an expired ticket to a show and a quarter,” Morton said. “Then I’m like I feel something down here and it ended up being a wedding ring, a really nice wedding ring.”

As to who the purse once belonged to, Morton said there aren’t many clues.

She’s posted a picture of the ring to Facebook and is now hoping to get some response.

“I just wanna get it back to the owner because I know wedding rings are important to people and their families,” she said.

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