U.S. Military Facing Unprecedented Recruiting Challenges Under Biden: ‘More Pronouns, Less Recruits’

The U.S. military is entering a crisis phase and it isn’t something that is likely to be quickly resolved.

The Army in particular is facing an “unprecedented” recruiting shortfall of potentially tens of thousands of new soldiers this year, with many critics claiming that is because the military under President Joe Biden is going ‘woke.’

The Daily Wire adds:

The news comes as war has broken out in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, and China is increasingly acting hostile toward Taiwan. Both situations risk spiraling out of control and could end up with the United States being dragged into war.

The Associated Press reported that U.S. Army officials said this week that they will be 10,000 recruits short this year, and next year is projected to be even worse. The report said that Army Gen. Joseph Martin, vice chief of staff for the Army, indicated that the military branch could be down to 445,000 soldiers by the end of next year, down from what it was hoping would be 476,000 soldiers by the end of this year.

The report said that with the majority of the current fiscal year already gone, the Army has only met 50% of its recruitment goals.

According to Mark Esper, who served as one of former President Donald Trump’s defense secretaries, this was “a major issue affecting all the armed services.”

“The answer is NOT lower standards; quality must be paramount,” he wrote on Twitter. “Rather, we need a sustained effort by America’s leaders to inspire our youth to serve. … This is a growing national security issue!”

Martin suggested that “competition with private companies” is the primary issue the Army is facing in attempts to recruit enough men and women to serve, adding that if the trend doesn’t reverse itself, the U.S. military will need to reconfigure in order to meet battlefield challenges.

However, political commentators see a different cause: ‘Wokeness’ at the Pentagon under Biden, which is leading many young people to shy away from serving.

“Maybe it’s better having a country that inspires patriots to defend it, rather than one that makes them want to throw up,” tweeted national security expert Dave Reaboi.

Political strategist Arthur Schwartz responded: “More pronouns, less recruits.”

The Daily Wire adds:

The U.S. military has increasingly pushed LGBTQ ideas since Biden took office. Days before being sworn into office, Biden tapped transgender four-star Admiral Rachel Levine to be the Department of Health and Human Services assistant secretary for health. Levine became the first transgender federal official confirmed by the Senate.

In May 2021, the Army targeted recruits with an LGBTQ  that shows a child of two mothers grow up “defending freedom” by marching in Pride parades before joining the U.S. Army to “shatter stereotypes.”

Just last month, the U.S. Marines and U.S. Air Force joined the “Pride Month” virtue signaling with  celebrating LGBTQ lifestyles.


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