Master Troll: Elon Musk Triggers Leftists After Tweeting Hilarious Meme

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk sent liberals into a rage again Thursday after he shared a simple meme about both major political parties.

The meme simply pokes fun at the manner in which the Democratic left has become increasingly far-left over the years and how he decreasingly identified with the party, though his political views have remained the same during a 2008-2021 timeframe.

It also shows how those on the political right have remained the same as well.

The tweet went viral immediately, racking up well over 175,000 “likes” and 28,000 “retweets” within 10 minutes of Musk sharing it.

It also didn’t take long for liberals on Twitter to meltdown over what is clearly him cracking a joke and having some fun:


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